Fendi Arcade

Fendi Arcade

High fashion meets videogames in this ad YouTube served me from Fendi Roma. I know what you’re thinking: “What have collectible trinkets, unrealistic body image, manipulative pricing strategies, exploitation of social pressure, and platforms got to do with videogames?”

Fendi Arcade building.png

Well, virtual consumption collides with the real in a flickering shower of chiptunes, pixel art, and gaming tropes at Fendi’s Digital Boutique. How best can I explain this concept of online “shopping” to you? It’s like Kim Kardashian’s Hollywood, but you actually have to wear the stuff. Sounds worse? OK, it’s like DayZ, but you pay for your wardrobe instead of finding it in sheds. No, that would be a freemium short-circuiting of Bohemia’s carefully balanced fashion mechanics.

Wait, wait — I’ve got it! It’s like LARPing. I know it sounds nerdy, but so did videogames when I was a kid, and look at us now! Better check out this Fendi game before it’s cool.



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