Arcades in Tokyo | Tokyo in arcades
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About Arcade Tokyo

Hi, I’m Roland, author of Arcade Tokyo and sometime freelance writer and photographer.

With arcades having faded away in the West, Arcade Tokyo gets out into the Tokyo game centres and bottles the atmosphere for export around the world.

Through games, places and people, I’m building a picture of life in the metropolis – finding arcades in Tokyo, and Tokyo in its arcades.



Arcade Tokyo started and continues on Instagram, robo-posts to Tumblr, and pops up irregularly on Twitter. This website is now its home and first stop for all new content. It has occasionally been commissioned for features elsewhere on the web.

But to see everything Arcade Tokyo, including recommended web action, long-form articles and my general arcade/Tokyo musings, you will need to get Arcade Tokyo Weekly by email (for free).



If the pulse of underground Tokyo would fit your publication, drop me a line at for a feature proposal.