Your Irresistible Game

Through Chinese Dragon Pretty Chance you will come to terms with your harrowing desires.

The Chinese Dragon series is a picture-domino-style game first released in 1995. The fifth game in the series is here on the middle cabinet: Chinese Dragon Pretty Chance.

The inspiring innovation of Pretty Chance is that the dominos are set out on top of risqué photographs of young women, which are unveiled tile by tile as the dominos are cleared.

Why on Earth would you choose this method of viewing a picture of a semi-nude woman?

We can only surmise that titillation arises from the medium itself – which is to say that to play this game you have to actually find golden-era arcade hardware and software sexually arousing.

But then you *are* following Arcade Tokyo…

So, now that you’ve admitted to yourself that 1990s strip-tease arcade dominos is very much your thang, you owe it to yourself to dive a little deeper into your perversion.

Do you tend to imagine:

(1) …that you are a high-stakes dominos player whose prowess melts away the apparel of besmitten, spritely onlookers in their sexual prime.


(2) …that you are a decent, reserved young adult who suddenly feels a tingle of lust on witnessing provocative domino playing, a tingle that builds to rampant, dominating nymphomania with each plastic clack, rushing your clothes to the floor.


(3) …that as you move the dominos in Pretty Chance, the arcade cabinet itself is sexually stimulated, and that the irresistible jump of credits as you insert your coin – pumping Continue! Continue! Continue! Continue! Continue! – weakens it almost to the point of malfunction.

Answers in the comments, folks!

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