Japanese Wikipedia Dive

Did you know there’s another internet?

The internet in Japanese is a different place. It's effectively a national web, borders guarded by the limited adoption of the language. This has resulted in a microcosm of different standards for content, presentation, interaction design and more.

On English Wikipedia, game entries that stray into instruction manual territory are flagged for review, but Japanese Wikipedia contains reams of citationless lore, play tips, folk history, and regurgitated marketing copy. Which is MUCH better. Here's a nugget from the Densha de GO! page:


"Because the speedometer on the cabinet exhibits an error of approximately ±2km/h relative to the in-game speed, caution is sometimes required while playing."

No citation, and of zero interest except to someone who plans to be madly engrossed in playing a 1996 arcade game, but – crucially – is not yet engrossed enough to have noticed this detail.

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