Don’t Wake Up

As a resident of the 23 Special Wards, I rarely saw Tokyo’s fringes. The flying-dream of Full Metropolis gets a fall-flat shock when you see the sticks.

The Oomori Sega is in an ordinary shopping centre. It’s so sensible and coherent that you ask yourself if Akihabara was a hallucination.

The doors slide you into a wide escalator lobby, where rails of nondescript clothing have leaked from nameless shops into perusal by life’s quitters.

A few rides in, Sonic the Hedgehogs appear, then the next floor is Sega, then it carries on up to a ¥100 shop and the one-coin promises of dreams made true.

But why make a dream true? Just drop a coin in Street Fighter and keep dreaming.

Photographer and writer covering Tokyo arcade life – the videogames, the metropolis and the people