Since Sliced Bread

Continuing an unplanned miniseries of driving games over the last week or so, let’s go back to some legendary 80s racers by early Sega’s famous hotdog, Yu Suzuki.

This rare sight is a Space Harrier sandwich. The Space Harrier is for discussion another time – a mythical sit-in version of a cult classic. But if you think the filling’s mouthwatering, take look at the bread! Of the sandwich.

Baked this morning, it’s two crusty fluffy batch loaves with buns for wheels and a pretzel each to steer. And French sticks to change gear. And a flatbread screen.

Rad Mobile is hot like it’s stollen and ciabatta believe it.

Out Run is on the beach: there’s the sea which is covered in seagulls; the bay which is covered in bagels. And the sandwich is covered in muffin but sunshine.

I’m sure I’m split-tin the audience with these puns, soda bread gags should stop. I can probably roll out a couple more before it gets sour, dough. Then just let them pitta out.

Bad post? Je ne baguette rien.

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