Las Comma Vegas

When the Japanese borrow from other languages, creativity trumps authenticity. Sniggering at “Engrish” misses the point – no one cares if it’s correct. It’s not for you.

Foreign words are for style, for evocative mystique, for that je ne sais kwah. Accuracy is just so unromantic.

[A short series of arcade exteriors – 2/3]

But flex my imagination as I might, I cannot place the mindset that wants a comma in “Las, Vegas”.

Is it an in-joke?

Is it supposed to tease people? “Thought Las Vegas had no comma, but guess I was wrong. I mean, they have a sign…”

Best explanation: dead fly on the neonmonger’s instruction sheet.

Ice tea vendo outside for humid latesummer. Place is a videogames arcade.

Photographer and writer covering Tokyo arcade life – the videogames, the metropolis and the people