What’s Wonderland Wars?

Wonderland Wars is a Multiplayer Online Battle Arena that lives in Japanese arcades. Japanese gamers recognise and dig the MOBA but the Wikipedia list of MOBAs page is totally different in Japanese and English.

Wonderland Wars doesn’t even register in the Englishpedic knowledge of the internet, aka the entirety of truth about the universe for us Western chauvinists.

We’re so missing out. There’s a pure seam of virgin triple-A megasmash gaming tucked away in a pocket of your reality that you just can’t bring your consciousness to identify.

Wonderland Wars is a world where fairytales are in fact the annals of military history! (Don’t overthink it.) Bright colours and flashing sounds and like swords and magic and stuff. And it’s got a twiddly knob and a touchpen that you can dibdab on your phone between scraps.

National tournaments livestreamed with panels of commentators. Serious business.

Collectibles and spreadsheets and monthly card balances. *Big* business.

But our collective English-speaking decision is that it doesn’t exist, so just ignore this photo. Must be some sort of hoax.

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