Arcade Tokyo Coin-op Release Chart 1970-2010
Source: KLOV

The arcades will be gone one day.

Arcade Tokyo is the top-floor box room of Freedom Yokohama’s tiny tower, where all the smoke collects from the floors below. ¥50 stickers over ¥100 credit prices on 90s games.

Arcade Tokyo - Freedom Yokohama coin slot and 100-yen coins

Arcade Tokyo is the clean, date-friendly Chinatown Sega, with wholesome attractions, uniformed staff, and those special two-player games that take place on dark bench seats behind curtains. “Let’s Go Jungle” indeed…

Arcade Tokyo - Sega Chinatown Yokohama facade

Arcade Tokyo is the same-old, any-town Taito Station. Trendy and presentable upstairs; twinkly UFO catchers at the doors. But the basement: horse betting, smoke-scorched candy cabs, self-serve ashtrays on a rack, tate CRTs and vending machines for light.

Arcade Tokyo - Taito Station Game sign reflected in Akihabara building

Arcade Tokyo is the Kawasaki Warehouse, built like Disney’s Frontierland from fibreglass with over-egged props imitating signs of life, but modelled after a Hong Kong slum. It’s the cleanest arcade in Tokyo, pretending to be a ghetto. A no-smoking ghetto with classic Sega sit-ins.

Arcade Tokyo - Anata no Warehouse Kawasaki retro corner and Kowloon decor

Arcade Tokyo is Game Spot 21 in Shinjuku, whose owner aims no higher than the good-enough income of last year’s fighters. Bills over the urinal show months-old new releases and CCTV stills of bags being snatched under the Print Club curtains.

Arcade Tokyo - Game Spot 21 Shinjuku toilet posters

The arcades will be gone one day, so I’m bottling them here.


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