Akihabara Taito Sign

A maid cafe?! Whatever next!

In famous nerdzone Akihabara, even if you work in the cookie-cutter crystal cube of a Tokyo office tower, the games and anime graffiti their reflections onto your windows and rattle them with their loudhailer bellows.

It must be frustrating to find yourself deskjobbing in an otaku theme park, nextdoor to a maid cafe or something.

Anyway, a maid cafe?!

What next? A dinnerlady barbershop?

What next? A headmistress steakhouse?

What next? An air hostess fishmonger?

What next? A secretary newsagent?

What next? A nurse library?

What next? A female bus driver dental clinic?

What next? A receptionist bakery?

What next? A policewoman bookshop?

What next? An usherette greengrocer’s?

What next? A waitress restaurant?

Is this really any more kinky than fancying the barista at Starbucks??

🤔 Hmm…


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