Repulsive Attraction

Turns out there’s a knack to evocative paraphernalia.

When you queue at Disneyland, there’s a load of fake stuff lying about for you to point at while you’re bored. You know, Indiana Jones’s in-flight magazine or Chewbacca’s escritoire or something.

Some arcade games are like that. You can straddle a motorbike or hold a vacuum cleaner nozzle and get transported by your imagination.

House of the Dead is absolutely in that category, but I think the monster-flesh uzi holsters are over-egged.

The eager contortions of the plastic zombies give the game away: *real* zombies would be lumbering toward you if they were blaring their tongues out, and they’d be keeping quiet, spying deviously, if they were stuck to the furniture. Here they’re tongue-blaring *and* staying still, which is not convincing.

I wasn’t scared for one second.

I wasn’t!


I wasn’t!

I wasn’t.

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