The 90s

Funabori is home to this perfect embodiment of the Sega World concept, flawlessly preserved from the 90s.

Not merely a videogames arcade, top billing on the sign – up there with the round, Dreamcast-era Sonic himself – is カラオケ (karaoke) and just general ENTERTAINMENT.

As patrons of the quintessential Sega World, we’re out of town – probably with a carload of kids, ready for some wholesome fun. The grey concrete left wall is a continuation of the multistorey, the yellow notice suggesting you park all day for ¥900.

The Sega World vision was of a day out for all the family – a long way, spiritually and geographically, from the smoke-filled Sega game dens of the central nightspots.

But as well-preserved as this sheltered back entrance is, the truth of the situation still shows through. Those glaring Tekken 7 cabinets in the window prove that the videogame side of the business has been kept up-to-the-minute. Meanwhile, the untouched 90s-ness of the exterior reveals that the Sega World concept has fallen behind the modern world.

Sorry, Sonic, but you gotta go fast.

Photographer and writer covering Tokyo arcade life – the videogames, the metropolis and the people