Summer Games

The alleys are black and muggy with old incandescent lights steaming away the summer. Insects chirp quietly.

NO SMOKING INSIDE – Thank you for your cooperation. Customers under 18 not permitted after 10pm; customers under 16 not permitted after 6pm. WEEKLY EVENTS Today: Print Club Service Day – all machines ¥100 off at ¥300! Shoooop – doors open. Jubeat glowing and flashing its geometric lightshow; Taiko Drum Master thumped to anime tracks by summer-clothed kids; Initial D Zero Arcade Stage banner. Shoooop. MM Land. Open 10:00–25:00. NO SMOKING INSIDE – thank you for your cooperation. SEGA. Now recruiting part-time staff!! Why not try working at MM Land? Early shift 09:30–18:00; late shift 16:00–25:00. Hourly rate over ¥1,000 (late night and overtime +25%) Medals cannot be exchanged for cash. Open throughout the year. Business hours 10am to 1am. No smoking except in designated areas.

A tree rustles in a short breeze. A cicada starts to wind up, but it’s probably done for the day.

Photographer and writer covering Tokyo arcade life – the videogames, the metropolis and the people