Let’s Compare Joystick Sizes

Check out this terrifying eggplant emoji of a joystick on Tetris Dekarisu!

The name “Dekarisu” comes from “dekai” — “huge” — and “Tetris”, written phonetically as “Tetorisu” in Japanese. In katakana, “Tetris” and “Dekarisu” look pretty similar, too –「テトリス」and「デカリス」– so you can see how the name works.

It’s a pretty good name.

It was released in the West as Tetris Giant. What a dimwitted localisation! I bet I can think of 10 better English names right now off the top of my head:

1. Gigantris

2. Enormtris

3. Almightris

4. Megalopotris

5. Humongtris

6. Whopping-Greatris

7. Fatris

8. Overweightris

9. Elephantiatris

10. …

Alright, only nine, but you get the point. Anyway, the huge joystick is a surprisingly effective BIGTRIS! There – I knew I could do it.

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