Call That A Joystick?

Check out this monstrous dong of a joystick on Starwing Paradox. Rippling with nooks and nobbles for your fingers and thumbs.

This 2018 Byking/Squenix release, following their success with Gunslinger Stratos in 2012, likewise goes all-out with a unique custom cab.

In the background you can see the heavy metal pedals and the bulletproof coinslot.

The player sits elevated halfway between the floor and ceiling of the arcade in a bodycontoured seat that swings and tilts like you’re flying a giant robo-tank.

There’s a bulging joystick for each hand, pedals for each foot, headset comms (natch), and a secondary touch monitor for tactical management.

You’re no distance from a massive hi-def panel and the seat-set speakers are on your ears and in your arse.

This is a powerplay to move on the massive arcade territories held by Bandai Namco’s legendary 2006 sit-in, Gundam: Bonds of the Battlefield, which has finally started to peter out after more than a decade hogging floortiles, time and credits.

More power to them. This is the kind of hardcore arcade-only gaming that made Tokyo halls the Platonic ideal of gaming in the 90s.

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