Hey, You!

The legendary Taito Hey is portrayed as some sort of utopian wonderland, but it's actually a locked-down regime of authoritarian imperatives. Here are their inflexible demands:


In order to play enjoyably and comfortably, please adhere to the following points:

People under 16 entering the arcade after 18:00 – STOP!!✋

People under 18 entering the arcade after 22:00 – STOP!!✋

Underage people drinking alcohol or smoking – STOP!!✋

It is not possible to exchange prizes won in this shop. Thank you for your cooperation. STOP!!✋

We may ask to see proof of age

Behaviour that bothers other customers or interferes with business – STOP!!✋

Data is not backed up in the event of power outages or connectivity issues

Using multiple machines at once – STOP!!✋

We can take absolutely no responsibility for theft or accidents in the arcade so please exercise appropriate caution

People who stay for a long time without playing games – STOP!!✋

Entering the arcade with pets – STOP!!✋

Arcade staff playing on behalf of customers – STOP!!✋

Changing money for purposes other than playing games – STOP!!✋

Refunds after inserting coins – STOP!!✋

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