Crazy Taxi

Despite my obsession with the arcades, I’m not really good at any of the games. However, the custard-yellow Naomi Universal cabinet that houses Sega’s 1999 Crazy Taxi is one I always find friendly.

But as proud as I am to get 10 minutes out of my coin, I am impressed to see a coffee can left on the dash.

People in Tokyo don’t normally leave their rubbish lying around like that. This person was clearly good enough to make a credit last right through drinking the coffee and then even long enough to forget about the can.

When other, lazier driving games think it’s funny to add splat sounds for pedestrian accidents, I find it far funnier that Crazy Taxi’s caffeine-psyched pedestrians always manage to lightning dodge out of the way at the last moment.

That’s why it’s such a friendly cab. What could be friendlier than not running people over in their dozens?

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