Play Dirty

Anata No Warehouse in Kawasaki is themed to look like Kowloon’s walled city, the famous Hong Kong slum.

Floors 1-2 are beautifully Bladerunner trash-chic and the massive multistorey facade is clad in convincing faux grime – much to the delight of the neighbours, I’m sure.

The slum vibe is of course unbefitting the kind of well-finished ladies who frequent grungy game-dives, so just the little girls’ room is spared the filth in favour of Disney-princess loveliness.

The irony of Warehouse Kawasaki is that despite the theme, it’s one of the cleanest, most spacious arcades you can hit in Tokyo. It also has some stunning Yu Suzuki museum pieces and mixes a ton of retro games with the Latest Things.

*And* beer upstairs in the pool hall.

Killer arcade.

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