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Comments and Other Site Updates

📢, 📂2Roland9pp.co
Comments and Other Site Updates

Just a quick record of some recent housekeeping. Also, hi to new people who seem to have arrived via my IFComp post! I hope some of you keep coming back.


Renamed “Tokyo Game Centre” series

I renamed this series. I explained the change in an edit at the start of the first post.

I like how these are going, turning into a kind of Japanese arcade scrapbook. They go up every Monday. Have a click through if you’re not up to date:

New concepts page

I added a link in the title menu to a new concepts page, which is a clearer way to browse my more theoretical posts. I posted a note about it at the time.


Browse page performance

I realised my browse page was loading unnecessarily massive images for all my posts, so I’ve fixed that. Page load times are apparently reduced by 81% — which shows how bad it was!


Revised about page

I wrote my about page before I’d really posted much, so it was only a vague guess at where the blog might go. I’ve rewritten it to describe what 9pp has actually turned out to be (so far).



This might be the biggest one: comments are now enabled for all posts starting with this one, using Disqus.

There were three main reasons I didn’t use comments when I started: I thought they would look untidy, I worried they might cause me some work, and I probably wouldn’t get any anyway. I still think all those things, but I guess I can at least try it for a few weeks.




Photographer and writer covering Tokyo arcade life – the videogames, the metropolis and the people