A… G-G-G-Ghost?!

Dare you read this ghostly Friday tale? And can you solve the riddle of the tile?

The street I walked was dark and miserable. Listen: If you find yourself in such a place, proceed and quickly take your leave. Good people do all feel the clear instinct that the nefarious airs of night do not mean well. The spirits that keep calamity at bay will fall for tricks in such a lifeless place.

On the ground I saw a coin and stopped. With it I thought I’d buy a cup of coffee – ‘twas just the right amount for an espresso. But as I bent to pick it from the ground, a sleeping form inside a box did strike my eye and cause me to suspend my hand.

He was a homeless man, who writhed in dream and would’ve  taken far more joy than me from the scraped-up coin and comforts it might buy.

It was not his, the coin, nor was it mine, but here there was a clarity of good and justice that is rarely known in life. But I took the coin despite all that was right.

That good and justice struck me in stark light, as of course it would be wont to do. But sense it, as did I, dismiss it, as did I, and the curse that came for me will come for you.

Wherever I then looked – the man, the ground – an orange glare stared out into my eyes. I closed them tight and hurried from the street.

Behind me shut the arcade doors and I was freed at last from that orangey fiend.

But, lo – oh, woe! – the curse I’d not escaped. Forever now I’d rearranged my fate.

That orange flash that could not have been there…

…was nonetheless reflected in the mirror! 😱


Seriously, how is “超サヤ…” reflected in that tile when it’s not on the screen of the cabinet?

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